10 Tips to Make a Successful and Memorable New Employee Orientation Event


Starting a new job can be exciting and overwhelming for new employees. It's important for employers to create a welcoming and supportive environment right from the beginning. A well-planned and engaging orientation event is essential to ensure a smooth transition and set the stage for a positive employee experience. Today, we will share 10 important tips to make your new employee orientation event successful and memorable. Let's explore how to make your new employee orientation event an unforgettable experience.


1. Choose the Right Day

When planning a new employee orientation event, one of the key factors to consider is choosing the right day for the event. The day you select can significantly impact the success and engagement of the participants. Select a day for the orientation event when new employees are likely to have fewer distractions or pending work. Avoid busy periods or Mondays when the workload tends to be higher.


2. Set Clear Objectives

Define clear objectives for the orientation event. Identify specific outcomes you want new employees to achieve during the orientation. These could include understanding company values, knowing their roles and responsibilities, or building relationships with colleagues.


3. Share the Agenda in Advance

Provide new employees with an agenda in advance, outlining the topics, activities, and schedule for the orientation event. By sharing the agenda in advance, you set a clear roadmap for the orientation event and allow participants to come prepared and ready to engage.


4. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is the foundation for a successful orientation event. Make the orientation event warm and inviting by decorating the space with the company's branding, providing refreshments, and setting up a welcoming area with name tags and welcome signs. 

5. Gamifying your Event

Event gamification is an excellent way to make your new employee orientation event exciting and engaging. By adding team-building activities in a game-like form, you can create a fun and memorable experience for your new hires. This can include team-based scavenger hunts, puzzles, or riddles that require collaboration and problem-solving skills to solve. To enhance the team-building experience while gamifying events, consider using digital tools like the PlayTours scavenger hunt app. This app provides a user-friendly platform that can take the gamification experience to the next level. By combining event gamification with team-building activities, you can create a dynamic and engaging orientation event that helps new employees feel welcomed and involved.

6. Provide Welcome Packets

Providing welcome packets is a thoughtful gesture that can greatly enhance the new employee orientation experience. Prepare welcome packets whether digital or physical containing essential information about the company, team members, policies, and any other relevant materials. These packets serve as a valuable resource for new employees, providing them with important information and materials that will help them navigate their roles and the company more effectively. 


7. Introduce Managers

Ensure that managers and team leaders are present at the orientation event. Focus on introducing managers who will have direct interactions with the new employees. It helps new employees feel valued and connected to the leadership team from the very beginning of their employment.


8. Office Tour

Office tours are an important part of a successful new employee orientation event as they help new hires familiarize themselves with the physical space and get a sense of the company culture. While traditional office tours can sometimes be dull and uninspiring, you can add a twist to make them more engaging and exciting for your new employees. One way to enhance your office tours is by incorporating digital tools that offer self-guided tours, like the PlayTours scavenger hunt app. With the PlayTours app, you can design a customized scavenger hunt that highlights different aspects of your office, such as important departments, key facilities, or fun facts about the company. New employees can follow the clues, answer questions, and complete challenges as they navigate through the office space. By using digital tool like the PlayTours scavenger hunt app, you can transform your office tour into an immersive and enjoyable experience.

9. Feedback Session

Include a dedicated feedback session where new employees can share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. These sessions provide an opportunity for new employees to express their thoughts, share their experiences, and provide feedback on their onboarding process. This not only fosters a positive work environment but also ensures that your onboarding process evolves and improves over time.


10. Encourage Networking

Encouraging networking is crucial during a new employee orientation event. Allocate dedicated time for new employees to interact with their managers and other colleagues. You can organize speed networking sessions or small group discussions on relevant topics to foster meaningful conversations and connections. Remember, networking goes beyond the orientation event and plays a vital role in long-term employee engagement and success within the organization.



A successful and memorable new employee orientation event is crucial for setting the foundation of a positive employee experience. From team-building activities to a warm welcome, these tips will help you create an event that your new hires will remember. Remember, the orientation event is not just about imparting information, but also about creating connections and building relationships. By investing time and effort into planning and executing a well-rounded event, you can set your new employees up for success and create a positive company culture. 

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