10 Team-Building Activities to Try in Singapore in 2024


Singapore is known for its diverse culture, modern infrastructure, and abundance of green spaces, making it an ideal destination for both indoor and outdoor team-building activities. The city-state offers a wide range of unique and exciting options. Additionally, Singapore is a hub for many international companies, which means that there are many opportunities to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Whether you are looking for adventure, culture, or simply a fun day out with your team, Singapore has something for everyone.

Escape Room at Xcape

Xcape is the most popular reality room escape game provider in Singapore. It has 7 game movie themes like Shutter Island, Home Sweet Home, Annabelle,etc. and 42 game chambers located at the city center! Teams have to work together to solve mysteries and escape within a certain time limit. This activity promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Choose which theme your team wants to experience and book an appointment ahead for an escape room session with Xcape.

Scavenger Hunt by PlayTours Scavenger Hunt App

Want to spice up your team bonding experience in Singapore? Why not try scavenger hunting in exciting locations such as Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Marina Bay, or Clarke Quay? With the interactive GPS feature of PlayTours, a scavenger hunt app, you can easily select any physical station on the Singapore map and create real-life scenarios for your team to complete missions. Get creative with challenges like jigsaw puzzles, scrambled phrases, or matching pairs that are customized to your team's interests and abilities. Not only is it thrilling and enjoyable, but scavenger hunting also fosters critical thinking, collaboration, and cooperation among team members. 

Amazing Race at Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a popular tourist attraction in Singapore that offers a thrilling Amazing Race team-building activity. What better way to enjoy the best of Sentosa by walking through different trails? Teams will have to race around the island to complete various challenges and reach the finish line. This activity promotes teamwork, communication, and time management. Make sure everyone is physically fit for the challenges.

Dragon Boat Racing at Marina Bay

Dragon boat racing is a traditional Chinese water sport that requires teamwork, coordination, and physical strength. Marina Bay is a popular spot in Singapore to try out dragon boat racing with your team. This activity promotes team spirit, communication, and physical fitness. This activity might be suitable for team members who can all swim and are comfortable with water activities.

Art Jamming at The Fun Empire

Imagine you are the next Picasso or Van Gogh and unleash your creativity with your team. The Fun Empire is a popular team-building company in Singapore that offers an art jamming activity. Teams will have to work together to create a masterpiece using acrylic paint on a canvas. This activity can boost creativity, nurture patience and foster interactions among team members. 

Bubble Soccer at Bubble Bump

Why not experience the wackiest Bubble Soccer time with your friends and colleagues? Bubble soccer is a fun and unique team-building activity where teams wear inflatable bubbles and play soccer. Bubble Bump is the biggest Bubble Soccer provider in Singapore with over 100 Bubble Soccer Suits for both kids and adults!  This physical activity will surely create an unforgettable laughter moment for everyone. 

Indoor Skydiving at iFly

Not afraid of heights and craving for some thrills? Take your team to new heights! Experience true free-fall conditions, just like a real skydive at iFly, an indoor skydiving facility in Singapore. Teams will have to work together to learn how to fly in a wind tunnel. Under the guidance of certified trainers, the customized flying experience will allow each member to overcome fear and instill confidence.

Bowling at K Bowling Club

Never say No to bowling. It is a classic team-building activity that promotes friendly competition, teamwork, and communication. K Bowling Club is the first full-time cosmic bowling alley in Singapore that offers a modern and stylish environment for team members to bond over strikes and spares. This activity is suitable for all skill levels and can be enjoyed with food and drinks. Book a lane with K Bowling Club today and let the team roll in some fun.

Giant Board Game at The Fun Empire

Relive your favorite childhood board games like Uno, Jenga, Connect Four, Pick Up Sticks, Snakes & Ladders in real life-size blocks. Imagine how cool it would be! These surely can be played as icebreaking interactive activities among your colleagues. Giant-sized and life-sized board games foster an appreciation of team work and encourage team bonding.

Darts at iDarts

Their service for corporate includes planning and arranging team-building events with sound/video equipment, promising you a whole deal of fun and saving you the time. They also have several classes for both beginners and casual players, coached by award-winning professional players. Your team can play in groups, competing with each other in a friendly way while having fun. 

To wrap it up, team-building activities are super important for building tight bonds and making your squad work together like a well-oiled machine. These 10 team-building activities in Singapore are the perfect way to get started. These will definitely make your team a whole lot more productive. So why not give one a go and see what it can do for your team?

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