10 Fun Onboarding Activities for New Employees in 2024


Starting a new job can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking for new employees. As a company, you want to ensure that your new hires feel welcomed, engaged, and motivated right from day one. And what better way to achieve that than by incorporating fun onboarding activities into their orientation process? In this blog, we'll explore a variety of exciting and interactive onboarding activities that will leave a lasting impression on your new employees and set the stage for a successful journey together.

Welcome Kit Surprise

Who doesn't love surprises? Kick off the onboarding process by presenting new employees with a personalized welcome kit filled with company merchandise, branded goodies, and useful tools related to their role. This can include notebook, pen, memory stick, company logo stickers, gift vouchers, and especially heart-warming welcoming postcards. This gesture shows them that you value their presence and sets a positive tone for their first day.

Office Scavenger Hunt

Transform the process of familiarizing new hires with the office space into an engaging adventure. Organize an office scavenger hunt where employees have to find specific locations with GPS, meet colleagues, and complete tasks by PlayTours app. Not only does this activity encourage exploration, but it also helps them forge connections with their team members from the get-go.

Mentor/Buddy Program

On the new hires’ first day at the office, they might feel lost and awkward. Assigning a buddy or mentor to each new employee can greatly enhance their onboarding experience. The buddy can be a seasoned employee who guides and supports the newcomer, helping them navigate the company culture, answering questions, and providing insights. This personal connection fosters a sense of belonging and helps the new employee feel more comfortable and connected.

"Who Am I?" Icebreaker Game

Break the ice and create a fun atmosphere by playing the classic "Who Am I?" game during orientation. Each employee wears a sticky note with the name of a famous person or fictional character on their forehead or back, and they have to guess who they are by asking colleagues yes-or-no questions. This activity encourages interaction, laughter, and camaraderie among team members.

Team-building Activities

Promote collaboration and team bonding right from the start by incorporating team-building activities into the onboarding process. These could include problem-solving games, indoor office scavenger hunts, escape rooms, or even outdoor activities like a friendly sports tournament. Team-building activities help new employees establish connections, foster a sense of teamwork, and build trust among their peers.

Office Tour and Meet-and-Greet

Give new employees a comprehensive office tour to familiarize them with different departments, common areas, cafeteria and facilities. Introduce them to key team members along the way, allowing them to make connections and feel more comfortable in their new work environment. You can also create a self-guided tour with PlayTours scavenger hunt app, where you can guide new employees to go from one place to another in the office, while they have to complete fun missions along the way.

Lunch Buddies

Facilitate informal lunch gatherings where new hires can meet colleagues from different teams in a relaxed setting. Encourage employees to sign up as "lunch buddies" and randomly pair them with new hires for casual conversations over a meal. It's an excellent way to expand their network and learn about different roles within the organization.

Gamified Learning

Introduce gamification into the onboarding process by creating interactive quizzes, challenges, or simulations that teach new employees about company policies, values, and procedures. Make the learning process fun and engaging, allowing them to earn points or badges as they progress through the modules on PlayTours.

Celebration and Recognition

Wrap up the onboarding activities with a celebration to acknowledge the successful completion of the program and welcome new employees officially. Recognize their achievements, introduce them to the entire team, and create a positive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

Collecting Live Feedback

Collecting live feedback shows that you genuinely care about your employees' experiences and are dedicated to creating a positive work environment. It also sets the stage for open communication and ongoing dialogue among peers. Create interactive surveys or polls within the PlayTours app to gather their insights, impressions, and suggestions. This allows new hires to share their thoughts in real-time, giving them a voice and an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the onboarding process. 

Start Engaging New Staff Today

It is critical to ensure new employees feel welcome and have an engaging onboarding. This time period is critical for the long term retention and success of new staff, regardless of seniority. Now you have 10 new ideas for ways to engage with them! Put these ideas to use, or even better year, use PlayTours scavenger hunt app to kickstart a great onboarding experience for your team!

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