10 Exciting New Year Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Kickstart 2024


As the year draws to a close, why not welcome the New Year with a burst of excitement and joy? Whether you're planning a family gathering or a party with friends, these New Year scavenger hunt ideas will be the perfect recipe to start your New Year with a blend of fun and festive spirit.

1. New Year's Eve Photo Hunt

Capture the magic of the last moments of the year with a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Compile a list of photo-worthy moments related to New Year's Eve traditions. Create photo challenges with PlayTours digital scavenger hunt app, allowing participants to easily access and submit their photos within the app.

2. Countdown Clock Challenge

Set up a series of missions at different locations, each aligning with the remaining times until midnight. Participants must complete challenges in sync with the ticking clock. Make your challenges using a custom scavenger hunt app such as PlayTours where you can customize the duration of your hunt, ensuring challenges align with the ticking clock for an exhilarating countdown experience.

3. Vision Board Hunt

Embrace the spirit of new beginnings by organizing a Vision Board Hunt. Encourage participants to seek out images and words that symbolize their goals for the upcoming year. Provide magazines, scissors, and glue at designated stations. Utilize the PlayTours DIY scavenger hunt app to make challenges and clues that guide participants to seek out images and words, making the hunt seamless and enjoyable.

4. Midnight Snack Hunt

Prepare a list of delicious treats or ingredients scattered around the venue. Participants must locate these hidden goodies and assemble the ultimate midnight snack. Engage everyone in a culinary adventure while building anticipation for the countdown. Use PlayTours to set up challenges leading participants to locate these hidden goodies, and make sure to have a central location for assembling the ultimate midnight snack.

5. Time Capsule Quest

Craft clues that guide participants to hidden time capsules. Prepare time capsules containing memorable items or notes from the past year and strategically place them around the venue. Apply PlayTours digital scavenger hunt app for clue creation and coordination. Uncover nostalgic moments and reflections as you embark on this quest through time.

6. Wishing Well Quest

Design a scavenger hunt around finding hidden "wishing wells" where participants share their hopes and aspirations for the upcoming year. Ensure each well has a unique and inspiring message. Use the Image share task type from PlayTours app where all submitted photos will be marked as correct and these heartfelt moments can be shared with others.  

7. Sparkling Scavenger Hunt

Add a touch of sparkle and excitement to your celebration. Incorporate elements of New Year's Eve traditions like champagne glasses, sparklers, and confetti into the scavenger hunt challenges. Strategically place sparkling items around the venue, use PlayTours GPS features to create location-based challenges, and let the participants shine in the hunt.

8. Gratitude Gathering

Celebrate the spirit of gratitude by organizing a Gratitude Gathering scavenger hunt. Hide notes of gratitude around the venue. Create missions and tasks prompting participants to find and collect these notes. Encourage participants to share their gratitude as part of the scavenger hunt experience.

9. Retro Remix Hunt

Take a nostalgic trip by organizing a scavenger hunt that revisits iconic moments from different decades. Set up challenges inspired by each era. Utilize PlayTours to guide participants through this nostalgic journey, ensuring each station reflects iconic moments from its respective decade. Relive the past while ringing in the future.

10. Resolution Hunt

As you plan your New Year's Eve celebration, consider the Resolution Hunt as a delightful and meaningful activity. Write New Year resolutions and let participants act them out while others guess. This playful activity promotes creativity and teamwork while adding a lighthearted touch to your celebration.


As the clock ticks down to midnight and the anticipation of a new year lingers in the air, these scavenger hunt ideas promise to weave joy, laughter, and cherished memories into your New Year's Eve celebration. With the best scavenger hunt app PlayTours, these hunts seamlessly blend tradition with innovation, offering an interactive and engaging experience for all. As you embark on these scavenger hunt adventures, may the laughter echo long into the new year, and the bonds strengthened during the quest endure through the seasons. Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with exciting discoveries and heartwarming moments. Let the scavenger hunt festivities begin!

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