10 Engaging Virtual Onboarding Activities for Remote Working in 2024


In the changing world of remote work, how we welcome new team members becomes more important. Virtual onboarding is a helpful and efficient solution that lets companies give a smooth welcome, even when employees are in different locations. In 2024, improve your way of welcoming new team members by trying these ten fun, creative, and engaging activities.

1. Digital Scavenger Hunt

A Digital Scavenger Hunt is a dynamic and engaging way to introduce new hires to their roles and the digital landscape of remote work. Make your own digital hunt with customized ideas like Desktop Discovery, Tech Tour, or Virtual Office Hunt.

A fun idea and a DIY scavenger hunt app enhance the experience, making it interactive and memorable. For example, app like PlayTours offer customizable features, allowing you to tailor the scavenger hunt to your organization's specific needs.

2. Trivia Icebreakers

The Trivia Icebreaker is an ideal way to break the ice and bring new hires closer together. Give your new hires a chance to discover fun facts about the company or inside jokes, industry myths, and personal information about the team members such as their pets, habits, and favorite things.

PlayTours digital scavenger hunt app, with its diverse task types, provides a versatile platform to blend various quizzes, making the process more interesting and dynamic. By incorporating different quiz formats, such as multiple-choice questions, puzzles, and riddles, the onboarding journey becomes more informative and entertaining.

3. Virtual Escape Room

Let your new hires be virtual detectives with a virtual escape room that offers them a chance to build teamwork and problem-solving skills. Add missions like solving unique code related to the company, connecting the clues with a storyline, or tech quests. Blend easy, mid, and difficult puzzles, ensuring a balance that challenges participants while keeping the experience enjoyable.

PlayTours, known as the best scavenger hunt app, offers a virtual 3D space for the escape room experience. Whether you want to include brand-specific elements, industry-related trivia, or team-specific inside jokes, the PlayTours app allows for a level of personalization that enhances the overall onboarding experience.

4. Online Learning Challenges

Encourage exploration and learning by incorporating engaging quizzes related to key information. For example, make quests about industry trends, competitors, and key market players to ensure each quest can turn into an engaging educational adventure.

Gamify the onboarding process with learning games and quizzes, making use of platforms like the custom scavenger hunt app PlayTours to create interactive and enjoyable learning materials. This approach ensures that new hires can absorb crucial information and also find the onboarding experience engaging and memorable.

5. Digital Cultural Exchange

Organize virtual sessions via Zoom or Google Meet where employees from diverse backgrounds can share insights into their traditions, customs, and celebrations. Beyond onboarding, these sessions, featuring presentations, contribute to building cultural competence and fostering a vibrant and connected virtual work environment. Regular scheduling ensures a continuous exchange of cultural knowledge, enhancing the overall workplace experience for all team members.

6. Digital Skill Swap

Organize a virtual session where team members can share a quick tutorial or demonstration of a skill they excel in, promoting knowledge exchange. Team members can showcase their skills, whether it's technical proficiency, creative talent, or any unique expertise they possess. It's a creative way to leverage the diverse skill set within the team, enhancing collaboration and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

7. Emoji Introduction

Kick-off team introductions with a creative twist! This lighthearted activity not only breaks the ice but also adds a fun and personalized touch to the virtual onboarding process. Team members can guess the meanings behind the emojis, leading to amusing interactions and a deeper understanding of each other.

8. Virtual Home Tour

Bring a personal touch to remote work by allowing team members to give a brief virtual tour of their homes during a team meeting. From favorite decoration items to quirky home office setups, a virtual home tour provides a unique insight into everyone's style.

9. Welcome Coffee Chat

Even though you're not in the same place, you can still chat and have fun with your new team.

Imagine scenario of colleagues gathering around the office coffee machine, sharing stories and laughter. This activity encourages talking and sharing, making it easier to become friends with your new team.

10. Future Goals Vision Board

Encourage new hires to envision their professional journeys by creating a digital vision board. It's a forward-thinking exercise that aligns personal goals with the team's collective success. This engaging exercise prompts individuals to articulate short and long-term goals, incorporating elements that align with the company's values.


By investing in virtual onboarding, organizations can create a positive and impactful experience for new hires, setting them up for success in their remote work journey. These ten innovative activities can create a seamless and engaging experience for new hires.  

Through the versatility of platforms like PlayTours, the onboarding journey becomes an immersive adventure, fostering connections among team members while ensuring a smooth introduction to the virtual work environment. This combination of creative ideas and PlayTours' capabilities promises to set the stage for a connected and motivated team, ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

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