10 Best Team-Building Activities in London for 2024


London is home to some of the most exciting and unique team-building activities around. From solving puzzles to competing in archery tag, there's an activity for everyone in this vibrant city. In this blog, we'll explore the 10 best team-building activities in London for 2023.

Escape Rooms - Locked In A Room:

If you are looking for a thrilling and immersive experience in which teams work together to solve puzzles and escape from a locked room, Locked in a room is a perfect choice. Test your team’s problem-solving and communication skills while having fun. The rooms are challenging, and it requires a high level of collaboration and teamwork to complete the challenge successfully. One of the benefits of playing the escape room game is that everyone's skills and strengths come into play. The activity provides an opportunity to highlight individual and team skills to find the solution.

Pro tip: Split up into groups and delegate tasks to complete the challenge faster. This can be done by assigning team members different roles to maximize everyone's strengths.

Laser Tag - Go Laser Tag:

You've got to check out Go Laser Tag, the latest spot for some action-packed laser tag fun with a forest vibe. It's the perfect team-building activity where you can put your communication, strategy, and teamwork skills to the test in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment. Not only will you improve your leadership and decision-making skills, but you'll also bond with your team and learn to trust each other. Laser tag helps develop problem-solving, adaptability, and flexibility too. Don't miss out on the chance to be a laser tag champion at Go Laser Tag!

Pro tip: When you're on the battlefield, staying low and moving around quickly will make it harder for your opponents to tag you. It's also a good way to get a better view of the playing field and to spot your opponents.

Scavenger Hunt - PlayTours:

How about creating your own scavenger hunt around London? Sounds interesting? With PlayTours interactive GPS feature, you can mark "physical stations" across the London map where players have to go before being able to see a task. Teams work together to solve clues and complete challenges in order to find hidden treasures. This is a fun and exciting activity that involves critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration. It is an opportunity to put team members in a real-life scenario with PlayTours scavenger hunt app to test their ability to communicate, coordinate and work together.

Pro tip: Appoint a navigator and a researcher for the best chance of success. This helps to assign specific roles to team members and streamline the team's efforts towards finding the treasure.

Cooking Challenge - Ann’s Smart School of Cookery:

Love to cook? Why not try a fun and interactive cooking challenge of Ann’s Smart School of Cookery? Teams will be tasked with creating a dish together while racing against the clock. The cooking challenge is an activity that helps build team morale and improves communication and collaboration skills. Cooking together helps team members to work together in a positive and creative environment, encouraging them to bond and create meaningful relationships.

Pro tip: Assign roles and work on a dish that plays to everyone's strengths. It is an excellent way to bring out each team member's unique skills and encourage the team to work together to achieve a common goal.

Bubble Football - Zorb It Bubble Football:

Get ready for some hilarious and unique experience at Zorb It Bubble Football. This game puts a new spin on football by having players encased in giant inflatable bubbles, making it an absolute blast. Playing bubble football is a great way to improve your communication and collaboration skills. It's an activity that allows you to get creative and think outside the box to come up with solutions.

Pro tip: If you want to win, take advantage of your bubble and knock down your opponents. This creates a competitive atmosphere where teams work together to score goals and have a ball!

Virtual Reality - Otherworld:

Otherworld is beyond amazing, it's a virtual reality wonderland that's totally immersive and gets your team working together and communicating like never before. Step into a whole new world where you and your team must tackle challenges and complete objectives in a completely virtual environment. Playing in virtual reality is a brilliant way to enhance your critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. It's an awesome chance to get hands-on with tech and learn how to work together as a team in a new and super exciting way. Don't miss out on this truly incredible virtual reality experience at Otherworld!

Pro tip: Work together to strategize and assign specific roles to each team member for the best chance of success. Communication is key in virtual reality, so make sure to keep talking to each other to stay on track.

Archery Tag - Archery Fit:

Archery Fit offers a fun and competitive archery tag experience that encourages teamwork and communication. Teams compete against each other in a game of tag using bows and foam-tipped arrows. Archery tag is an activity that enhances focus, concentration and communication skills. It provides an opportunity to work together in a fast-paced and competitive environment while having fun.

Pro tip: When playing indoors, it's important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Be mindful of walls, obstacles, and other players to avoid accidents and injuries. And always follow the safety rules and guidelines provided by the venue to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Go Karting - TeamSport:

Looking for go-karting experience? You will not doubt choosing TeamSport, located at 5 places in London; London Docklands, North London, West London, Mitcham, South London and Watford. Let teams race against each other in a high-speed go-karting challenge. Go-karting is an activity that enhances focus and concentration. It provides an opportunity to work together in a fast-paced and competitive environment while having fun.

Pro tip: Go-karting can be a thrilling and fast-paced activity, but it's important to keep your speed under control to avoid accidents or collisions. Pay attention to the speed limit signs and follow the guidelines provided by the venue to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Paintballing - Delta Force Paintball:

Delta Force Paintball offers a fun and competitive paintballing experience that boosts teamwork and leadership. It's the UK's leading paintballing provider delivering epic days out for players aged 8+ years and up. Teams compete against each other in a game of paintball, using strategy and communication to outsmart the other team. It is a chance to work together in a high-pressure environment while having fun.

Pro tip: Make sure you have a clear plan with your teammates and communicate effectively throughout the game. Call out the location of opponents and work together to flank or eliminate them. And don't forget to use hand signals and keep your communication concise to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. A well-coordinated team is more likely to win the game!

Ping Pong- Bounce

Ping Pong lover? You have to try out Bounce, the ultimate ping pong playground in London. It's the perfect team-building activity that combines fun, competition, and a good workout. At Bounce, you can play doubles or singles with your team, and you'll quickly discover that ping pong is an activity that enhances hand-eye coordination, concentration, and quick reflexes. With an upbeat atmosphere and lively music, Bounce is the perfect spot to spend a few hours and bond with your team while showing off your ping pong skills.

Pro tip: It's all about the spin! Use your wrist to add some unexpected curves to the ball and catch your opponents off-guard. And don't forget to hydrate, playing ping pong is more tiring than you'd think.

Summing Up

London is a city filled with exciting and unique team-building activities that are perfect for bonding with colleagues and improving communication, collaboration and trust among team members. Whether you're looking to test your problem-solving skills in an escape room, strategize and communicate in a game of laser tag, or cook up a storm in a fun and interactive cooking challenge, there's an activity for everyone. The key to a successful team-building activity is to work together, communicate effectively and have fun. So, why not gather your colleagues and try one of these 10 best team-building activities in London for 2023.

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