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Create Engaging, Fun Events with PlayTours

Gamify your event and create a memorable experience with PlayTours, by building missions for event-goers to drive them to visit booths and participate in activities.


Event Gamification with PlayTours

Do you want to create an engaging and fun event that will make more social buzz and positive feedback after the event?  Let's see how you can gamify your event with PlayTours.


QR Code Missions


Photos and Videos

Through scanning QR code missions, vendors and sponsors can have QR codes at their booths for attendees to scan for points. Such an interactive and fun experience that attendees are sure to enjoy.

Photo and video tasks are great to boost participation. Make them interact with other attendees and have a group selfie, and submit it to get points. This could help as an ice-breaking game.


Location Missions

No more boring events where visitors are simply working around. With location-based tasks, encourage attendees to explore areas of your event to find the hidden item, by placing challenges and hints across the venue.


Trivia Quizzes

Make them attend each breakout and solve the riddle. Through Trivia Quizzes, let them learn about the event and promote your organization or product in a fun way. These can drive your booth traffic.

booth participation

Booth Participation


Real-Time Event Feedback

Once participants collected enough points, they will receive completion certificates and awards that can be validated at the prize collection booth with PlayTours app.

Collect valuable feedback and important statistics from event attendees in real time. This data can help you identify areas of improvement for future events, and adjust course as necessary to ensure that each event is a success.

fun walk event.png

"Fun Walk" Event

PlayTours was used in Malaysia’s Ministry of Health’s “Fun Walk” event as part of their “Let’s Move Malaysia” campaign. It encouraged participants to move across the event space, scanning QR codes and having clues revealed to bring them to the next location.

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