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The Best Tool for Student Engagement Activities

Help students connect with each other, explore campus in a more fun way, gamify school events, and make learning more fun with PlayTours digital scavenger hunt.


How do schools use PlayTours?

PlayTours is more than just a scavenger hunt app for schools. Through interactive gaming, promote active learning. PlayTours robust features add a gamification layer to boost students' engagement in the learning processes. 

campus tour

Campus Tour

Show new students around campus and drive traffic to unique areas with PlayTours interactive maps feature. You can make a custom route  for new students to follow and include a description of each stop along the way.


Classroom Quizzes

Blend technology in your classroom and make learning more fun. Students answer quizzes with text, integer, or photo-based answers, and complete chapters. Live leaderboard let students see each other’s progress to stay in the lead and get motivated.

reward students

Reward Students

Rewards and completion certificates can be automatically sent to your students' phones when they complete all of their missions via PlayTours app scan feature. That can boost students' engagement and motivation to learn.

Make Learning 
Fun & Interactive

Learn from the experts! Discover how pro PlayTours creators build a fun learning experience with PlayTours. Get tips on how to run educational missions that encourage learning and interaction on the next level.

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