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Create Self-guided Tours with PlayTours

Build self-guided tours with PlayTours. It can be useful for educational, corporate team-building trips, and for tourists!

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Self-guided Tour


Interactive Map

Whether you are planning to organize a citywide self-guided tour, digital scavenger hunt, enhance visitor engagement, or drive traffic to iconic landmarks, PlayTours will be the best partner.

You can make custom routes with our interactive maps feature, allowing your colleagues, students, or tourists to explore new parts of the city. It will help to drive traffic to historic monuments, important landmarks, or specific locations that you want them to explore.

Trivia Quizzes

Make them engaged fully with Trivia challenges where they need to learn about the destination and answer the quizzes in a fun way. Quizzes can be about culture, murals, food, and language and add fun facts to fuel more related visitor experiences.

Photo Challenge

Help visitors stay more closed to each other, create stronger bonds and team activities with photo challenges which let visitors share their group photos with funny poses and other destination photos as part of the exciting mission. 

Anywhere, anytime, any size

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No matter where your tour or which timezone they are in , PlayTours will help to guide them along the trip, behalf of you. Small or large tour group, scattered around the city? PlayTours is a scalable game for every size of the tour group, and it encourages them to get fully interacted with fun activities.

Try PlayTours today!

Learn from the experts! Discover how advanced PlayTours creators design a once-in-a-lifetime tour experience with PlayTours. Get tips on how to run your tours with missions that encourage exploration and interaction on the next level.

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