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Create an engaging game for Christmas & New Year's

Let's make this holiday ever more engaging one with family and friends with PlayTours. Build and create party games in the form of a scavenger hunt or a team race, indoor or outdoor.

Christmaas tree.png

GPS-based Scavenger Hunts

With PlayTours, you can make GPS-based scavenger hunts with different routes and tasks on a map. Make custom routes with our interactive maps feature, allowing your party guests to explore neighborhoods together, either in groups or individually. 

gps based scavenger hunt

Season-themed Decor

You don't need to make DIY Christmas-themed cards and print them out just for a game.

Create an immersive experience with PlayTours using customizable backgrounds, logos, and add your favourite Christmas song.

Decorated house.png

Shareable Photos & Videos

Encourage guests to interact with each other by making them snap memorable group photos/videos, and submit them to get points. All these can be automatically shared in chat to spread joy.

snow angel.png

Riddles & Puzzles

Create missions with holiday-style riddles and puzzles that the players have to solve in each of the chapters to get the final surprise. Fuel the holiday moments with more excitement.

christmas riddle.png
deco down.png
deco down.png
deco down.png
deco down.png
deco down.png
deco down.png
deco down.png
deco down.png

Christmas & New Year Style Missions

Here are a few examples of holiday-themed missions for you to get ideas of how to use PlayTours for festive party. 

scavenger (1).png

Snow Angel

Photo Mission

Photo Mission

Get outside and have fun, make a snow angel and snap a photo 


North Pole Charades

Photo Mission

Text-based Answer

Play charades with your family at Christmas time, laugh and have fun together.


Christmas Gift

Photo Mission

QR scan mission

Find the QR code in your Christmas gifts, scan it to complete the mission, and level up to the next chapter.

scavenger share

Best Decorated House

Photo Mission

Live Share Mission

Find the best festive decorated house in your neighbourhood, capture and share the photo with other players

video mission

Make a Snowman

Photo Mission

Video Mission

A must-do tradition on this snowy day. Make a snowman with your team and submit a video.


Christmas Market

Photo Mission

Location Check-in

Let's gather around with your neighbors. Go to the Christmas market and check-in with PlayTours.

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